Sweet Potato Pie

Style: Roots-rock/alt-power country twang-pop
Formed: 1997
Stomping grounds: New York City/National

Sweet Potato Pie is truly a Great American Rock Band. The group's music includes elements of country, power-pop, folk, '60s power-trio rock,'70s singer-songwriter, indie rock and even some prog-rock and Southern boogie. Sweet Potato Pie songs are extraordinarily well crafted, intelligent, tuneful,exuberant and full of subtle humor, yet echo with a poignant sense of loneliness and isolation. In addtion, they rock.

Band Members:

Pemberton Roach - Bass guitar, lead vocals, mandolin
Jean-Paul Vest - Guitars of all sorts, lead vocals
Brendan McGowan - Drums

Contact Addresses:

Band: 42-28 214th Place, 2nd Floor, Bayside, NY 11361.
Phone: 718-423-3668
E-mail: (Pemberton Roach)


Reduced to A List of What They've Done. Self released 6 song cassette, 1997

A Rusting Monument. Self released E.P., 1998

Guest Appearances:
Pemberton Roach-

Bass, songs on Thumper s/t, dot dot dash records, 1996

Bass on Girlfriend "The New Me," Celsius Records 1998

Bass, producing on STYNX "I Quasar" No. 6 Records 1999

Other Notes:

Pemberton Roach writes record reviews for All Music Guide, MUZE, and others. He also produces other artists, plays sessions and teaches bass. In addition, he runs Pemberton Roach Music Marketing, an independent company that does publicity and radio promotion for roots and independent music. Contact him directly at

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