Sin City Boys

Style: Bluegrass, insurgent country, rockabilly
Formed: 1992
Stomping grounds: In and around Toronto, Canada

"They sound as if Gram Parsons had of put a band together with Keith Richards" [--Kevin Jollimore]

Band Members:

Kevin Jollimore - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Gerard Popma - electric guitar, vocals
Ronnie Azzopardi - bass guitar, vocals
Bob Vespaziani - drums

Band Address:

Sin City Boys, 189A Booth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4M 2M5
Phone: (416) 778-7235
E-Mail: (Kevin Jollimore)
WWW: /~kevinj/scb.htm


The Sin City Boys are currently working on their first CD. You can download entire songs from their "Internet Only"album. (You'll need RealAudio to play them.)

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