The RedGills

Style: Trashabilly
Began performing: 1994-ish
Stomping grounds: Western New York

Uncle Monty, who sent in this listing, sez the RedGills play "99% original material, low budget, beer-drinkin', foot-stompin', good-timin' music. Uneducated fans refer to us as bluegrass. Recorded everything in various barns in Geneva, NY. We'll pl ay for a hundred bucks and free beer. Currently reforming rythmn section. Will be faster, sleeker, more able to leap tall silos in a single bound. We'd love to host any band that's swingin' through Buffalo. Check out The Steam Donkeys when they play i n your town."

Band Members:

Uncle Monty - yellin' and harmonica
Chet Wicket - hootin' and twanger, organ
Dewey Scrub - guitar, lap-steel, sensitive poetry
Double "D" - guitar and shoutin' and sometimes bass
El Boz - new bass player - a real one
Billy Boy Brando (no relation) - piano and organ
Schmitty - quiter, guitar, bass (he'll be back)
Philo - retired drummer and maker of wooden things- drums, guitars, and such (he'll be around)

Band Address / Booking:

349 Crescent Ave. (Lower), Buffalo, Ny 14216
Phone: (716) 833-8674
E-mail: [Nathan Montague or Michael Tinsmon]


Escape From Whitetrash Mountin (out of Print)
The Compleat RedGills -- 15 songs 62 minute CD for only 12 bucks! Please call first (716) 832-1390.


Ithaca Journal 1/16/97 by Jim Catalano. "I particularly liked 'Cows Don't Care', which has a percolating groove and funny lyrics, and the twangy 'Hillbilly Bill'. These guys should have the Rongo dance floor filled in no time."

Buffalo News 5/10/96 by Anthony Violanti. "Country rock with a touch of redneck fun...'Shine th' light' bounces along like a truck on the interstate highway. 'Masochistic, Tenn.' is twangy, banjo-laced spoof, and the Gills rock with energy on the offbeat 'Swiss Miss'. Not a lot of polish or p roduction here, but a lot of fun."

Upstart Records (Rig-Rock Deluxe) by Glenn Dicker " I liked it. Funny stuff. Keep in touch and let us know when you're playing in Boston."

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