Joe Bethancourt

Style: Gonzo Appalachian and Country music
Began performing: 1964
Stomping grounds: Arizona and Southern California

Bethancourt --singer, songwriter, folklorist -- and his gonzo mountain humor have been a Phoenix institition since 1964.

Band Members:

Joe Bethancourt - All fretted instruments plus bagpipes and Celtic Harp


P.O. Box 35190, Phoenix, AZ 85069
E-mail: (J. Bethancourt)


Random Factors
3754 W 170th St Torrance, CA 90504-1204


Bordertown Ballads (White Tree Productions) (cass.)
Revenge of the Banjo (White Tree Productions) (cass.)
Who Fears The Devil? (White Tree Productions) (cass.)
Celtic Circle Dance (White Tree Productions) (being re-issued)
The Black Book Of Locksley (White Tree Productions) (cass.) (being re-issued)
Naked Banjos (White Tree Productions) (cass.)
Old Red Cat (White Tree Productions) (cass.)
Arizona Road Song (White Tree Productions) (cass.) (being re-issued)
String Concert (Public) PS 5001 (out of print)

With Leslie Fish:
Our Fathers Of Old (Random Factors) (cass.)
Serious Steel (Random Factors) (cass. & CD)
Lock And Load (Random Factors) (cass. & CD)


357 Miles East Of L.A. (cass.) (Zia)
CactusCon Choruses: NASFIC 1987 (cass.) (WailSongs)
This Train Is Bound For Glory (Carsten) LC 75-751068
Arizona Sounds KDKB Vol. 1 (Dwight Karma) (out of print)

And many, many albums as a sideman.....

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