The Hogwaller Ramblers

Style: Bluegrock
Formed: 1991
Stomping grounds: Central Virginia

If a marketing dweeb were to peg the Hogwaller Ramblers, they'd be classed as an Americana band. If a mid-80's metalmuncher heard the Ramblers, they'd be called a country band. Any self-respecting bluegrass or oldtime purist would wonder what the hell the band was trying to pull. This is less a band and more a consortium. Ex-members come and go as their medication runs out, core members have little better to do than play kick-ass tunes and slow-ass ballads while trying to fleece unsuspecting audience members out of cover charges.

Band Members:

Cristan Keighley - Drums
Jamie Dyer - Guitar/Vocals
Jimmy Stelling - Banjo
Sandy Grey - Lead Guitar
Roland Colella - Fiddle
Ben Jacobs - Bass

Dan Sebring - All kindsa stuff Charlie Bell - Dobro, Pedal Steel

Contact Addresses:

Band/Booking: P.O. Box 885, Charlottesville, Va 22902
Phone: 804-964-0359
E-mail: (Jamie Dyer)

Label: Mea Culpa Sound Recordings, P.O. Box 885, Charlottesville, Va 22902.
Phone: 804-977-4154
E-mail: (Cristan Keighley)


The Hogwaller Ramblers - Mea Culpa - 1/99 - HR001

Other Notes:

Appeared on Michael Feldman's "Whad'Ya Know" (NPR) in Nov. '98 .

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