The Ex Husbands

Style: 70's-style country rock / Insurgent country
Formed: 1993
Stomping grounds: New York City

The band was formed by "three jaded New York City rockers who were looking to get back to their country roots." Drummer Mark Miller is influenced by heavy metal, and when asked what sort of music he plays, says, "heavy western, man." I'm taking all this from their promotional bio, but really, it's not as bad as it sounds! They play bitchin', straightforward, back-to-basics, roadhouse country rock.

Band Members:

Anders Thomsen, electric guitar, vocals, principal songwriter
Mark Miller, bass
Mike Smith, drums

Band Address:

Anders Thomsen, 214 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718/388-0598


The Ex Husbands, Slow-Ass Records, 1996 [No catalog number that I could see; on the other hand, the text is printed in red on black, so I may have missed it, even squinting at it with a flashlight]

Interviews & Articles

Review, Cornfed, Issue 4, Summer/Fall 1996

"A Marriage of Fate," Interview by Brian Moore. Manhattan Spirit, vol. 12, no. 35 (August 30, 1996).

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