Electric Range

Style: Country rock
Began performing: Early 70s; re-formed 1995
Stomping grounds: Ohio

Electric Range's sound has been compared to 70s country-rock, but the fact is, Electric Range is a 70s country-rock band -- work on their debut CD began 25 years ago. Released last year, it was produced by Ex-Eagle Randy Meisner, who als o appears on the album, along with Chris Hillman and Hoyt Axton.

Band Members:

Billy Darnell: lead guitar,vocals
John Alden: acoustic guitar,vocals
Peter Bradstreet: keyboards,vocals
Jon Westfall: drums
Richard Roll: bass

Band Address:

Electric Range, C/o Smokehouse Records, PO Box 292142, Dayton, OH 45429
E-mail: [Smokehouse Records]

Web Pages:

Lisa Morrison
Roxy Entertainment and Management
Phone: 812/824-4858 - Fax: 812/824-2670

Current record label:
Smokehouse Records
PO Box 292142, Dayton, OH 45429
Phone: 937/294-8060 - Fax: 937/294-8280


Electric Range Smokehouse SMK3715 [1996]

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