The Drive-By Truckers

Style: psychobilly, country punk rock
Formed: 1996
Stomping grounds: Athens, GA


The Athens, GA based Drive-By Truckers have never had a problem expressing themselves. Their brand new release, "Pizza Deliverance" is an exercise in Southern gothic at it's finest. The songs are as invasive as the Kudzu that chokes everything in it's path. The humor and tragedy of life in the south are portrayed with all the naked (sur)realism of the finest velvet-Elvis you've ever witnessed. Their sophomore effort, "Pizza Deliverance" is a transitional record, reflective of the band's recent departure from the more traditional side of and features amazing performances from friends old and new. Nothing sappy or weepy about it though, even the sweet sounds of the pedal steel can't mask the simmering sleaze underneath. Drive-By Truckers play some of the greasiest, gnarlyest Rock and Roll this side of Mountain, no shit. They'll be on tour for most of '99 with the new line-up featuring Patterson Hood (vox, guitar) Mike Cooley (v.g.) Rob Malone (bass, v., g.) and Brad Morgan (drums) and "Pizza Deliverance" is available now from Soul Dump/Ghostmeat Records. check the website for tourdates.. -skj

Band Members:

Mike Cooley - guitar, vocals, harmonica, trombone
Patterson Hood - Vocals, guitar
Rob Malone - bass, guitar, vocals
Brad Morgan - Drums

John Neff - Pedal Steel

Contact Addresses:

Band/Booking: BillyClub Productions, PO Box 404, Athens, GA 30603.
Phone: 706)-354-6504
E-mail: (manager Sara Kelly Jones)


Gangstabilly (Soul Dump Records)
Pizza Deliverance (Soul Dump Records/Ghostmeat Records)

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