Dry Branch Fire Squad

Style: Old time, bluegrass and acoustic country
Began performing: 1972
Stomping grounds: Ohio / Kentucky

Dry Branch Fire Squad must be seen live. Moving effortlessly between bluegrass, old time and classic country, with Ron Thomason's famous monologues sandwiched in between, they are warm and engaging, not to mention hotshot, performers. Until you can catch their live show, get their recently released Live! At Last.

Their newest member, Bill Evans is a banjo picker, an ethnomusicologist, a gentleman and a scholar, and has his own listing.

Band Members:

Ron Thomason: mandolin, lead vocals, guitar
Charlie Leet: acoustic bass, bass vocals
Mary Jo Leet: guitar, high baritone and tenor vocals
Suzanne Thomas: rhythm guitar, clawhammer banjo, lead vocals
Bill Evans: banjo, bass and low baritone vocals

Booking and Band Address

Native and Fine Music
C/o Bill Evans
503 Hill Avenue, Owensboro, KY 43201
Phone: 502/685-2373
E-mail: [Bill Evans]

Web Page [Rounder Records]:


Live! At Last Rounder 0339 [1996]
Just For the Record Rounder 0306 [1993]
Long Journey Rounder 0289 [1991]
Fertile Ground Rounder 0258 [1989]
Tried and True Rounder 11518 [1987]
Golgotha Rounder 0224 [1986]
Good Neighbors and Friends Rounder 0218 [1985]
Fannin' the Flames Rounder 0163 [1982]
Antiques and Inventions Rounder 0139 [1981]
Born to Be Lonesome Rounder 0119 [1981]

Bill Evans Solo:
Native and Fine Rounder CD 0295 [1995] (Suzanne Thomas and Ron Thomason also appear)

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