One Riot One Ranger

Style: Bluegrass, western
Formed: Early 1990's
Stomping grounds: Columbus, Ohio

One Riot One Ranger cheerfully describe themselves as "Faux Cowboy at its best", playing a "unique bluegrass/cowboy/whatever blend that confounds and delights audiences of all ages," but they're a seriously good band. The band includes one actual native Texan.

ORIGIN OF THE BAND'S NAME (since everybody asks): During the East Texas oil boom of the 1930's, the prodigious amounts of money that poured into the area attracted more riffraff than even Texans were used to. Things got particularly bad in the town of Mexia (pronounced muh-HAY-yuh), where civic disturbances of near-riot proportions prompted the town fathers to call for assistance from the legendary Texas Rangers. In short order, Capt. M. T. "Lone Wolf" Gonzaullas reported for duty. When Gonzaullas was reminded that the town had called for all the Rangers, he merely replied "You got one riot, you get one Ranger". [Mark Wyatt]

Band Members:

Carl Yaffey, banjo, bass
Chas Williams, fiddle, mandolin
Mark Gaskell, rhythm guitar
Mark Wyatt, accordion. bass
Pete Remenyi, resophonic guitar, bass, harmonica

Band Address:

One Riot One Ranger, 1267 City Park Ave., Columbus, OH 43206
Phone: (614) 445-7288

Mark Wyatt:
Pete Remenyi:
Chas Williams:
Carl Yaffey:
Mark Gaskill: 70334.3071@CompuServe.COM

Web Page:


Mark Wyatt
Phone: (614) 445-7288

Current Label:

Fundamental Recording Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 118, Pass Christian, MS 39571
Phone/Fax (601) 864-1360


Faces Made For Radio[CD] Fundamental Records, 1996. HYMN 11

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