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Blue Suede News
PO Box 25, Duval, WA 98019
Phone: 206/788-2776
E-mail: Editor/Publisher: Marc Bristol
$4.00/copy, $12/year (4 issues), Canada: $15/year, Overseas: $20/year N. American Airmail, $17/year surface mail.
WWW: (Subscription information only.)
Devoted to roots music, particularly rock & roll, but strays into more purely country and bluegrass music. Bristol is a musician in several bands, including the cajun band File Gumbo.

Bluegrass Connection
P.O. Box 5111, Toledo, OH 43611
Phone: (419) 726-5089
Advertising: (419)726-5089
Editor: Robert White
E-Mail: WWW: (This site carries articles from the zine; it has a link to another Bluegrass Connection page, at, but I'm not sure how they're affiliated. "Colophon," guys!)
Covers hard bluegrass.

Bluegrass Now!
PO Box 2020, Rolla, MO 65401
Phone: 314/341-7336
$3.00/copy (plus $1 postage), $11.97/year (6 issues). Overseas & Canada: $20/year.
Editor: Wayne Bledsoe
A newer bluegrass magazine with a growing reputation, BN has a slightly more modern slant than Bluegrass Unlimited.

Bluegrass Unlimited
Box 111, Broad Run, VA 22014
Phone: 540/349-8181
Fax: 540/341-0011
$2.50/copy, $21/year (12 issues). Overseas and Canada: $30.
Editor: Peter V. Kuykendall
WWW: (Chiefly subscription/back issue information.)
General Information -
Editorial -
Advertising Information -
Founded by musician and folklorist Peter Kuykendall, this is considered by many bluegrass fans to be the "Bible of Bluegrass."

PO Box 220135, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Editor: Susan M. Clarke
$2/Copy, $8/Subscription ($11 in Canada)
Fax: 718/349-3398
Spiffy little zine covering country (BR5-49, Willie Nelson, High Noon, Townes Van Zandt) and pop culture (barbed wire, Gene Autry Western Heritage museum). Lots of fun!

Country Standard Time
54 Ballard St.
Newton Centre, MA. 02159-1251
$15/six issues
Excellent mall magazine covering mainstream and alternative country. The web site is extensive.

Daily Clog
95 E. Wayne Avenue, #312, Silver Spring, MD 20901
$8.00/year (12 issues)
Phone: 301/495-0082
A tiny newsletter with calendars for the Clog Palace in Wheat, MD and other venues in the surrounding area. Mangin spices it up with short reviews of music and books, news, and humorous essays. (Note: The zine has ceased publication, but the Web page is still maintained.)

Dirty Linen
PO Box 66600, Baltimore, MD 21239-66600
$3.95/copy, $20/year (6 issues)
World Wide Web: linen/dirty.html
Editor/Publisher: Paul Hartman
World music, old-time, some rock, country, bluegrass, folk. This magazine has a strong Internet presence, with an on-line version of the magazine, calendars, and archives.

Flyin' Fingers
C/o Deke Dickerson
PO Box 304, Hollywood, CA 90078
Phone: 818/558-3360
$1.50/copy, $9/year (6 issues). Canada: $15/year, Overseas: $21/year
Editor/Publisher: Deke Dickerson
Very good newsletter about the life and times of guitarist Joe Maphis, published by Deke Dickerson of Dave & Deke Combo.

"Your Guide to Roadhouse, Roots and Rockabilly"
11288 Ventura Blvd., #761, Studio City, CA 91604
Phone: 818/981-6252 or 818/990-2829
Fax: 818/981-6149
Extremely well-designed zine covering the L.A. rockabilly and alternative country scene.

Jelly Music Magazine
PO Box 24924, Seattle WA 98124 - 0924 $1 sample, $15/year (6 issues) Editors: Glenn, Jason, Mark and Scott E-mail: or
WWW: Classic American music, from jazz to rockabilly, surf to turf.

The Journal of Country Music
4 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203
$4.95/copy, $18/year (3 issues). Libraries: $28. Outside US: $23
Phone: 1-800-255-2357
Editor: Paul Kingsbury
Publisher: The Country Music Foundation, Inc.
Serious but not stodgy publication with a good mix of new country and classic acts; interviews and informative articles.

No Depression
P.O. Box 31332, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: 206/547-5952
Fax: 206/545-1805
$5/copy, $12/year (4 issues)
Editors: Peter Blackstock, Grant Alden
Publisher: Note Opression Industries
An "insurgent country" magazine, focusing on bands like Son Volt, Blue Highway, Jayhawks, Tarnation and Wilco, with coverage of more traditional musicians like Don Walser, Hazel & Alice, and Merle Haggard. Excellent Web site.

The Old-Time Herald
PO Box 51812, Durham, NC 27717
World Wide Web:
$4.50/copy, $18/year (4 issues), Overseas and Institutional/library: $21/year.
Editor: Alice Gerrard
Publisher: The Old-Time Music Group, Inc.
Excellent publication devoted to old-time music, both older and contemporary, edited by singer Alice Gerrard.

Original Cool
1533 Sea Breeze Trail, Suite 201, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Editor: Sue Smallwood
$15/year (6 issues). Canada/Overseas: $25
Rockabilly, neo-rockabilly, pyschobilly, and rock & roll.

Pompadour Press
PO Box 1061, Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: 801/532-5631
$12/year (6 issues). Canada/Overseas: $20.
Editor: J.R. Ruppel
Rockabilly newspaper focusing on the thriving Salt Lake scene.

Performing Songwriter
PO Box 158159, Nashville, TN 37215-9998
$4.95/copy, $25.95/year (6 issues)
Editor/Publisher: Lydia L. Hutchinson
Phone: 1-800-883-7764 or 615/256-4708
WWW: Subscription information only.)
Focuses on singer/songwriters, with lots of interviews and useful information.

Rhythm & Roots Review
"The Newsletter of Rockabilly and Real Rock 'n' Roll!"
1493 Adele Court, Elmont, NY 11003
Free (Contributions of $2.00 or stamps appreciated)
WWW: (Editor Joanne "Rocket J" Van Vranken's Rockabilly Riot Page.)

Your Guide to Flatland Hi-Style
PO Box 543, Franklin Park, IL 60131
$2/copy, $10/year (4 issues). Canada/Overseas: $18/year.
Phone/Fax: 312/525-8812
Editor: Dan Obermaier
Publisher: Hi-Style Enterprises, Inc.
Covers rockabilly music, style, and culture, plus related forms - R&B, rock 'n' roll, hillbilly, swing, and surf.

Sing Out!
PO Box 5253, Bethlehm, PA 18015-0253
Phone: 610/865-5366
Fax: 610/865-5129
WWW: (Subscription and back issue index only.)
$4.50/copy, $18/year (4 issues), $32.50/2 years, $45/3 years (Canada: add $5.00/year; Overseas: add $18/year)
Folk, bluegrass, country, some rock, old-time, world music....the whole nine yards.

Texas Jamboree
P.O. Box 161405, Austin, Texas 78716
Editor: Jason Shields
$3.00/sample copy ($4.00 outside U.S.)
Subscriptions (1 yr/12 issues): US $26.00; Canada $36.00; Europe $50.00; Japan $60.00
WWW: (Subscription information only.)
Texas Jamboree is a monthly publication focusing on rockabilly, country, hillbilly, western swing and swing music from around the world.

Third Coast Music (Formerly Music City Texas)
620 Circle Avenue, Round Rock, TX 78664
Editor: John Conquest
Phone/Fax: 512/218-8055
$2.00/copy, $12/year (12 issues bulk mail), $18/year (US domestic first class). Canada: $15/year, Overseas: $24/year.
TCM covers good country music and roots music, with a strong Texas slant.

2230 Huron Drive, Concord, CA 94519
[Print version suspended] Editor: Cheryl Cline
Phone: 510/687-6404
Covers country, alternative country, roots music, rockabilly, folk, bluegrass, old time -- all that good stuff.

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