Wild Frontier

Wild Frontier LIFT 7007

Wild Frontier, PO Box 81485, Fairbanks, Alaska 99708

Mike States (lyrics) Steven Graham (vocals, guitars, bass, percussion) Chris Kilgore (bass) Robyn States (vocals) David Peck (vocals, drums) John Bringhurst (drums)

With: Damon Wayne Nelson (drums) Boyce Pittman (bass) Curtis Cunningham (guitar) Jim Passard (acoustic guitar) Steve Kircher (fiddle) Earl Hughes (fiddle)

Jack London / The Wild Frontier / Old And In The Way / Western Front / Creed of the North / Buffalo Soldiers / Men Who Don't Give In / Get Along / Argonauts / Out There / Include Me Out

Wild Frontier is a Fairbanks, Alaska band with a lot of regional pride. That and the pride of individual independence is strong in this recording. Dedicated to the men and woman of the United States Armed Forces (especially "Men Who Don't Give In") and to our Lord Jesus Christ. On the back cover it states: "American Classic-Tube Powered All-Analogue Recording" -- with half of the back cover dedicated to listing all the machines and gadgets that were used to make this recording. And it sounds good. But it doesn't grab me. Maybe because I don't share the regional pride that they do. It's not a bad disc. It's just not a great disc.

The tracks that were able to grab and hold my attention were "Old And In The Way," a song about the pitfalls of growing old and being all alone; "Argonauts," a song about an old Alaska sternwheeler and the men who sailed her searching for gold; and "Out There," about the power of Big Government and the fear that they're out to get any who dare to stand up against their excesses. The standout song, though, is "Include Me Out," which features the interesting vocals of Robyn States -- I would of liked to have heard more of her on the album.

Over all, this recording has a nice sound, but it is too polished. It just doesn't grab me by the throat. I have to give them credit for musicianship and technical ability. Now if it just had more fire.

--Jeff Wall

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