Crowe Brothers

The Gospel Way
Copper Creek Records CCCD-0157

Wallace "Josh" Crowe (guitar and vocals) Wayne Crowe (bass and vocals) Raymond Fairchild (banjo) Arvil Freeman (fiddle) Randy Proshia (drums) Tim Galyean (drums track 4)

He is Our Savior / God Bless Her (Cause She is My Mother) / It's Because of Sin / Make Him a Soldier / Help Me Walk a Little Closer / Gonna Shake Hands with Mother Over There / The Gospel Way / He'll Take Us Away / You'll Be Rewarded Over There / Mother, I Thank You (For The Bible You Gave) / Born Again / Mother's Bible / He Was Waiting At The Altar

This re-release of the Crowe Brothers long out-of-print 1984 Skyline release features brothers Wallace "Josh", and Wayne Crowe along with longtime musical collaborator, banjo Legend Raymond Fairchild, on an-all gospel recording. Greatly influenced by the Louvin Brothers, eight of the thirteen songs here are from the Louvin catalog. "Gonna Shake Hands with Mother over There", "You'll be Rewarded Over There" and "He Was Waiting at the Altar" all receive outstanding treatment, as does Don Reno's "Mother's Bible"

A largely traditional recording, the addition of drums is the only detractor from this otherwise fine recording. Good Songs, great harmonies and good picking from all. Now if they had only substituted a mandolin for those infernal drums, this would be a much more enjoyable recording.

--Jeff Wall

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