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General Interest

Bad Subjects Issue 32, April 1997: Work
Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life is edited by a collective at the Unversity of California, Berkeley. "In this issue," reads the editorial, "we explore and criticize a variety of work-related experiences. Articles like Cynthia Hoffman's, and Freya Johnson and Annalee Newitz's, explore the relationship bewteen money, bureaucracy, and victimization. Others, such as Mark VanProyen's and Tim Jackson's, look at the ways professional workers can come to terms with their privileged position in a class-divided society. Kim Nicolini focuses on what it means to recognize the work that people do in our daily lives that we don't normally notice, while Steven Rubio writes about his own reaction to working in the eloquently titled "In Defense of Fucking Off." Finally, Noodle McDoodle talks about being a factory worker and day laborer, and how that changed the way he imagined his future. 
Working Wounded
A humorous poke at the business world. "Working Wounded is a business advice column that runs in newspapers across the U.S., written by Bob Rosner -- who has consulted with the Fortune 500 and U.S. Government, founded two non-profit corporations and s erved as an adjunct professor to MBA students. But please don't hold any of this against him!" This site includes a virtual punch-out (to let off steam), a screen full of fake work files, and other silliness. 

"The Business Magazine for People Who Work For a Living" has been discontinued. But click here to find out about the book Disgruntled: The Dark Side of Work.


Cannery Workers

Las Manos de la Tierra
This web site is an effort to share the results of a research project titled The Life of a Strawberry that looked at the complex relationship between food production and labor relations from the field to the dinner plate. The project was conducted by students at the University of Oregon.
Gulf of Georgia Cannery: National Historic Site of Canada
One of B.C.ís few historically intact canneries, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery commemorates the development of Canadaís West Coast fishing industry from the 1870ís to the present. 

Coal Miners

Kentucky Coal Mining Museum
The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum is located in the former coal camp town of Benham in Harlan County Kentucky. This site provides information about the museum, and includes some photographs of exhibits. The museum is currently intalling the personal collection of country singer Loretta Lynn, of "Coal Miner's Daughter" fame.

Cowboys & Cowgirls

Biscuits & Gravy
You work hard, you gotta eat - this zine delves into the pleasures of hearty food and rigors of the hard work of real cowboys. [Print and Web editions]

Food Service

The Waiter's Revenge
"This Page Takes A Humorous Look Into The World Of Waiting Tables. The Service Industry Can Be A Stressful, Thankless, And Somewhat Of A Non-Profit Profession... Yet Millions Of Men And Women Do It Everyday." Check out topics like "Signs you kno w you're getting a bad tip" and "Stories from under the table" -- and if you wait for a living, be sure to send in your own stories.


The Lineman's Bull Pen
By lineman Marc Staves, who writes, " I have made this page in Honor of all the hard working men and women that for the most part go unnoticed as they perform a very dangerous but rewarding job." 

Taxi Drivers

The Cosmic Cabdrivers' Guide to the Universe
"A compendium of information of interest to taxicab drivers, dispatchers, and customers everywhere, and especially useful in Phoenix, Arizona, USA Includes CAB NEWS, stories and information from here and everywhere.(The site also includes a lot of non-cabdriving stuff that interests the Cosmic Cabdriver).  Includes over 250 links to other cabdriving and Taxi pages.

Truck Drivers

A thriving and gigantinormous trucking webculture exits; this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Keith A. Hamblin'sTrucker's Page
There's so much here I don't know when Keith has the time to drive! Essays on trucking and the trucker's life, news, tips and advice, poetry and other writings by fellow truckers, and more. Keith has also written a book on trucking as a career and a vocation, White Line Fever.
Trucking webzine loaded with feature stories, news, the "Layover Lounge" chat board, and more.
Overdrive Online
Web version of the popular trucking magazine. This is a huge site, with news, information, and stories covering everything trucking. The "Cybertrucker" section includes their "100 Best Links For Truckers" leads to pages for trucking associations, truckstops, weather, government offices, and other "business" pages, as well as to country music and miscellaneous "fun stuff." Warning: If you follow the links to truckers' personal homepages, you may never get off the road!
Pete's Place
Pete describes her life as a truckdriver, gives advice to drivers sharing the road with eighteen-wheelers, and writes poetry (some of it about trucking). 
Road King Onramp
Web version of Road King magazine, "the magazine for and about real men and women doing what it takes to master their own destinies, working long hours at one of the last wide-open-horizon careers left today: driving a heavy-duty truck on the North American highway." 
Truck Net
An ambitious trucking information source, Trucknet also offers e-mail accounts and works toward the day when technology brings the Internet into the truck cab.