Payday is a website devoted to exploring working class art and life, from a working class perpective. Since the mistaken but apparently steadfast belief that there is no such thing as working class art is one I keep running into like that ol' brick wall, providing evidence to the contrary is one of my main reasons for starting Payday. In answer to people who say working class people don't read, I've compiled bibliographies of working class autobiography and fiction, and am working on lists of poetry and anthologies of working class writing. Such lists go a long way to say "is so" to "there's nothing there." I welcome lists by others on any subject having to do with working class culture.

Collecting quotations is both fun and enlightening, helps fend off the is it just me? lonesome willies, and provides ammunition when you need it. Big Words will continue to grow, especially if you send in some of your own favorites. And you are more than welcome to contribute any idiot things you hear when you try to talk about class.

I have more projects in the works, and will go on at length about them as they shape up. Some of them, I hope, will be collaborations.  My own interest and obsession lies with the printed word -- especially autobiography and theory of the total heaviosity stripe -- and in country music. If you are passionate about film, rap music, fashion or visual art, please consider contributing to Payday.

Cheryl Cline
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Submit clear, concise writing on any facet of working class life: personal essays, journalistic pieces, reviews and interviews. Contributors will be paid. Not much, but actual money.

Listings for events and on-going activities, calls for papers, deadlines for submissions to magazines or anthologies, publication dates, record releases, show dates, etc. are free. They must of course have something to do with working class life. Digital photos are welcome, but please, please send them as compressed files (.gif or .jpg).

Advertisting rates are $50/month. Ads will be placed on three pages, including the front page. No animated banners. I may accept small animationed graphics, but don't count on it.