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Poets Take on G.U.E.S.S.: Poets Win.
Julia Stein [The Electronic Book Review]

Wild And Blue: The Politics of Country..
Sandy Carter [Z Magazine]

The Making of a Working-Class Suburb in Hamilton's East End, 1900-1945.
Richard S. Harris [Richard S. Harris Web Page]

The Taxi Life.
Ron Ritts [Pauper]

Aryan to Anti-Racist: Political Sympathies and Elizabeth Thompson's Blink .
Annalee Newitz [Bad Subjects]

Searching for the Heart of America: Reintroducing Carlos Bulosan.
E. San Juan, Jr.

Some American Writers of Working Class Fiction: With Some Suggested Titles.
(Based on the writing's locale and thematic emphasis upon the working life.)
A book list compiled by Larry Smith / Firelands College and David Shevin / Tiffin University
[at the Bottom Dog Press site]