Sherman Alexie

Maya Angelou

Dorothy Allison

Jimmy Santiago Baca

Pinckney Benedict

Larry Brown

Rita Mae Brown

Charles Bukowski

Jim Carroll

Raymond Carver

Ana Castillo

Denise Chavez

Sandra Cisneros

Harry Crews

Charles Dickens

Frederick Douglass

Paul Lawrence Dunbar

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Tom Wayman

Thomas Wolfe


Maya Angelou

Jimmy Santiago Baca

Charles Bukowski

Jim Carroll

Paul Lawrence Dunbar

Piri Thomas

Tom Wayman

Literary Sites, Magazines, & Journals

Cult Fiction
Articles about Harry Crews, Hubert Selby, Jr., Charles Bukowski and Ed Bunker.
Voices From the Gaps: Women Writers of Color
Many working class women are represented here. Each author is presented on a mini-web page, which includes a profile, bibliography, an extract from her work, and links to other sources.


Bottom Dog Press
Focuses on working class writing, especially poetry my midwestern American poets, as well as autobiographies, essays, and several anthologies. Also on the page is a booklist of American working class fiction, a film list, and an outline of working class values as expressed in literature.