Gripe Pages

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of pages on the Web devoted to people griping about their jobs.

Disgruntled and Damn Proud
A list by Bonnie Burton, editor of the zine/Web page GRRL

A Catalog of Grocery Customer Species

Andy's Rant Page (on Being a Pizza Delivery Driver)

Customers: Eat My Shorts

Customers Suck

Disgruntled Postal Worker Zone

Disgruntled Servers United

Flame-Broiled: The Disgruntled Ex-Burger King Employees

How to Turn the Work Life of a Local 7-11 Employee into Living Hell

Just a Few Reasons Why I Hate Customers

Mindless Jobs of America

Pizza Driver Home Page

Servers' Bitch and Gripe Page

Stained Apron

Tech Support Tales

The Video Vent

The Waiter's Revenge

Waitresses United

The Waitressing Gripe Page