Fiction by Contemporary American Working Class Authors

A Selected List

Compiled by Cheryl Cline

My aim in compiling this list is to show the diversity and depth of contemporary working class authors, most of whom are still writing.  This list includes novels and short story collections from about 1970 to the present. I am more interested in what working class authors are writing than in concentrating on labor novels or working class themes. Most of the books listed below do deal specifically with working class themes, but not all of them do. 

My aim in compiling it is to show that yes, working class people do write, do read, do create literature. Having heard on three separate occasions horror stories about university professors blithely telling their students there was no tradition of working class fiction in the United States, I picked up my 3x5 cards and went to work. I have a very big pile of 3x5 cards. The professors are wrong. 

This bibliography is excerpted from a longer list which will also appear on this site. This is a first draft and will be updated and revised. Additions and suggestions are welcome. 



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H - I 

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