25 things you will hear if you try to talk about class  The working class is disappearing  Class does not exist in America  Define working class  We're all really working class because we all work  My grandparents were working class  Can anybody cite statistics to show that a working class exists in late capitalist America?  You wear your working class background like a badge of honor  Unions are obsolete  I read in the paper about a janitor who makes $50,000 a year - can you believe that?  White working class people are racist, homophobic and sexist  But you don't look poor  Why are you so angry? The men who work for my dad's construction company are all cheerful, happy guys  You're just being divisive  I saw a woman in the grocery store buying lobster with food stamps I know you understand this, but you're different - most working class people won't get it  Working class people don't read  You have a chip on your shoulder  Lighten up - white trash is hip You're too smart to be working class  Once you get a college degree you're no longer working class  Nobody who lives in the suburbs is working class  You're not working class because you make too much money  You're not working class because you're not a manual laborer  You're not working class because you're on the Internet and working class people can't afford Internet access because they don't have enough money ...Why are you so angry?