North American Working Class Autobiographies

Compiled by Cheryl Cline

This bibliography includes works by authors in the U.S. and Canada. Most are book-length autobiographies, but some essay collections have been included. I have also included a few books by middle class authors who, for one reason or another, take up working class life for a time. These are generally recognizable by their titles; if not, I have noted them.

If you have any additions or suggestions, send them to payday@steamiron.com



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. Caldwell, Taylor. On Growing Up Tough. [Place?] Devin-Adair Co., 1971. Paperback edition, New York: Fawcett- Crest, 1973. Popular author writes of growing up poor in upper New York state. Surprisingly virulent opinions on poor people, especially those who take any kind of charity. Most of the chapters were first printed in American Opinion; the book was also a selection of the Anti-Communist Book Club in 1971. 

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