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Country Grrl is a new site to promote women in country music. A spin-off of my alternative country zine Twangin'!, its focus is on country outside the mainstream: alternative or "alt-country," bluegrass, old time, rockabilly, Cajun, and classic country.

Country Grrl welcomes submissions of reviews, profiles, interviews, and essays. I'm especially looking for features on overlooked or under-appreciated women artists; first-person essays by women musicians; and pull-no-punches essays about women, men, and country music.

Upcoming Features and Works-in-Progress

Why Does feminism shun country music?
(Looking for country music in the women's music press? Try looking under "folk")
Dolly Parton, My Hero!
(I'm collecting Parton quotations, so if you have a favorite, send it along.)
Who's Who Listings -- an expansion of the list on Twangin'!

Your suggestions are welcome!
--Cheryl Cline

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